USPS Tracking Information


USPS is upgraded by door-to-door tracking feature with 11 scans. Provide Detailed Information Regarding Carrier Delivery When you are not at home, So you can never miss out any delivery. Now Receive text alerts on your Mobile Phone, or You can all text Your tracking number to 2USPS and SEND it to 28777 to check a package’s status on the from anywhere at anytime.

Features of USPS Postal Services:

How to Track Your Shipment using USPS Tracking Tool:

Click on “Track Now” Button
Enter Your Tracking Number
Click “Track” Button.
As easy as opening a cane of coke. If you don not have Tracking Number, then you need to Register yourself on the Official site of United States Postal Services. Click Here.
Facing any Issues? Contact USPS Customer Care Portal. We are happy to help you with the every step you take with us. You can contact USPS Support by the following ways.
What is USPS Tracking Number?

USPS Tracking Number is a bar code that is printed on your shipping label or Printed on the Slip or Bill you get from the courier services. This Bar Code allows the Customer to Track How your Item Moves from city to city to reach you. That’s the only information every customer eagerly wants to know. You may also call it Form 152 which you may need to fill by your own at the post office or courier service department. If you have this Tracking Number, then you can track Your Package here at or on the official USPS website.

This tracking code is essential to track your package online and also this code may help you to avail other services like Collecting your Delivery, Return Receipt, Insurance, Special Handling and Restricted Delivery.
Note: USPS doesn’t allow the customer to track few kind of items such as Letters, Flat Pieces, Periodical mails, Standard mail letters as well.
Do I need to Pay a fee to avail this Service?

No, USPS Services and USPS Postage Calculator is Completely free of cost services. You can avail this service if You have chosen the USPS Postal Services for your package delivery.
Note: You may require to pay a fee for this service for particular kind of Mails such as Standard Mail. You can even Opt-out for this service if you do not want to track your Mails.

You can Redirect Local Shipment that has not been released for delivery or delivered. USPS Package Intercept is only available Specific kind of shipments such as Packages, Flat Courier, Letters that having Tracking Number or Service Barcode.
With USPS Package Intercept Feature You can Hold your Shipment for Self Pickup or You can even send it to another local address. For more, you can even return it back as a priority mail to the sender’s address.
You can avail USPS Package Intercept Service only on Domestic Mail Shipments excluding Standard and Periodical Mails.
Shipment should be of 108 inches in length can be intercepted.
Shipments Having USPS Number or Bar code or with additional services can only intercept.
You can not avail package intercept service on non-mail-able shipments like Surface mail, shipments carrying hazardous materials such as ORM-D.

For Intercept Services You need to Verify that your shipment is eligible for Intercept. Verify Now
If it is eligible, then you need to submit your request online after signing into your account.
Once You have submitted your application, you’ll be provided with an estimated total that includes estimated postage + intercept fee.
From Here USPS Team will attempt to hold and redirect the shipment.
If the interception got to succeed, you would be charged the $12.55 through your credit card that is Package Interception fee plus postage fee.
You can intercept your package to hold or redirect it to the sender address, or to any new address as well. usps lost tracking number

USPS is Power by Real Time Service Alerts Features that inform small business and consumer about the postage facility service disruptions which can be caused due to many factors such as weather-related or other natural calamities. The user can visit to know if their mail is being delivered or Post office would get open or not.

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